A Brief Background on the Exposome

Here we highlight five exposome papers that help introduce the topic from its initial formulation and through this evolving field to where it stands today. After reviewing these papers, the reader should have a firm sense of what the exposome encompasses and how investigators in the field of environmental health sciences view the approach to tackling the questions presented. As always in research, the field will continue to grow with new research and scientific dialogue around the exposome.

Complementing the genome with an “exposome”: the outstanding challenge of environmental exposure measurement in molecular epidemiology –Christopher Wild 2005

Exposome: Time for Transformative Research—Germaine Buck Louis 2012

Exposure Science and the Exposome: An Opportunity for Coherence in the Environmental Health Sciences—Paul Lioy & Stephen Rappaport 2011

Characterizing Exposomes: Tools for Measuring Personal Environmental Exposures –Kellyn Betts 2012

The Nature of Nurture: Refining the Definition of the Exposome –Gary Miller and Dean Jones 2014