Upcoming Workshop features Metabolomics as a Tool for Characterizing the Exposome

On May 28-29, the Emerging Science for Environmental Health Decisions workshop, organized by the National Research Council, will be held on the topic of Metabolomics as a Tool for Characterizing the Exposome. The event can be attended in person or via webcast and will feature leaders in the field of exposome research.

Metabolomics—the study of the chemical fingerprints that cellular processes leave behind—is emerging as an important way to characterize exposure. On May 28-29, join the committee on Emerging Science for Environmental Health Decisions and researchers, professionals, and policy experts for a workshop that will explore this new approach to advancing understanding of environmental impacts on human health. This free event will feature presentations and panel discussions on:

  • The potential for using metabolomics to characterize exposure;
  • Technical issues associated with metabolomics, such as data collection and making data useable with databases;
  • The policy implications of a more thorough understanding of background exposure.

Please register to attend via webcast or in person at the National Academy of Sciences building in Washington, DC. For more information and the workshop agenda, please visit the workshop website: http://nas-sites.org/emergingscience/meetings/metabolomics-and-the-exposome/